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Rotary AIDS Project

The Rotary AIDS Project, conceived by the Rotary Club of Los Altos in 1989, is a District 5170 program designed to educate others about AIDS, change attitudes and behavior concerning the disease, support those afflicted, and to encourage Rotary's involvement in confronting the pandemic.

The current emphases are:

The Los Altos Story has been translated (subtitled) in seven different languages and is distributed internationally free of charge to those clubs wishing to develop HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention programs. Similarly, a 'how to' booklet entitled, AIDS -- The Community Challenge, assists a club in planning a community AIDS prevention symposium and may be downloaded from the Rotary AIDS Project website ( )
Six thousand books, HIV, HEALTH AND YOUR COMMUNITY have been distributed internationally, most going to Africa. They are sent to Rotary clubs which pass them on to hospitals, health clinics, and health care workers. Limited copies are still available for distribution free of charge.
Almost every year, a new RAP project is considered, and in most cases adopted. For more information on projects in the development phase (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission; Nepal partnership) go to the RAP website above and click on What's New and then on to New Programs.

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