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chartIn 1900 with 1.6 billion people there was little concern about environmental degradation, depletion of vital resources and resulting human suffering.  Today, with 6.7 billion humans (as of 2007), we find inadequate safe water, declining fisheries, global warming, depleting mineral reserves, declining per capita grain harvests, and continued depletion of other vital natural resources. Nearly 3 billion people live in poverty on less than US $2 per day.

138 developing countries have recognized this threat to their environment and actively promote population stabilization programs.

For over 100 years Rotary's humanitarian service work has addressed the symptoms of population pressures, but not the major underlying cause. We have missed that rapid population growth is the major underlying cause of environmental degradation, depletion of our resources, and human poverty, especially in major parts of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

"Most RFPD members believe that for Rotary International to succeed in its humanitarian work, we must actively address the population issue, and its primary relationship to most forms of human misery," as promulgated in the RI Board Statement on Population Growth and Development.

RI Board Statement August 1999

"… Rotary International encourages Rotary clubs and districts, working as appropriate with government agencies, non-governmental organizations and local leadership to increase awareness and undertake even more projects that directly impact population growth and sustainable development."

More emphasis on this area of service serves to complement and enhance our traditional "Four Avenues of Service."

Matching Grant Projects completed in D 5170

 Country  Description of Project  Total Rotary Funds
 Mexico  Hablemos de Sexualidad en Familia, Joint Project with Mexican Family Planning Association (MexFam)  $24,000
 Chiapas, Mexico  UNFPA Literacy/Family Planning  $28,000
 Egypt  Reproductive Health/Child Spacing  $24,500
 Turkey  Young Reproductive Health/Family Planning  $21,000
 India  AIDS Testing/Treatment Truck Drivers  $19,720
 India  Scholarships for Outstanding Girl Students  $19,763
Guiza Province (Cairo), Egypt 2005  Education of 7,000 youth on family planning, female hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases  $9,100
   Total Matching Funds  $146,083

If your club would like to participate in similar projects contact:

Marie Sikora, R/C San Lorenzo Valley
Chair D 5170 Population & Development
Ph. 831 336 8853
The Rotarian Action Group for Population & Development
(Open to new Rotarian members)

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