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Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group
Chair: F. Ronald Denham (
Provides information, support and encouragement to Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and Districts to take active roles in projects/programs to develop safe water and sanitation as a means of promoting health and alleviating hunger.

Rotarian Action Group for the Alleviation of Hunger and Malnutrition
Chair: Barb Feder (
An association of Rotarians committed to providing nutritious food to the hungry and malnourished by creating and supporting Rotary projects and programs that will enhance and sustain local food security to achieve our goal of self-reliant families and communities.

Rotarians for Fighting AIDS: A Rotarian Action Group
Chair: Marion Bunch (
Unites Rotarians in the cause of fighting AIDS through education and prevention efforts and offering support to children affected by the disease and other related service activities.

Rotarians Eliminating Malaria: A Rotarian Action Group
Chair: Brian Stoyel (
Unites Rotarians and Rotaractors with other individuals, governments and institutions to work towards controlling malaria and enhancing the effectiveness of models for delivering aid to those affected by the disease.

Rotarian Action Group for Blindness Prevention
Chair: Kenneth D. Tuck, M.D. (
Promotes efforts to prevent blindness through education and volunteer service.

Global Network for Blood Donation, A Rotarian Action Group
Chair: Haagen Cumlet (
Members encourage volunteer blood donations and share their expertise and experience while supporting their own local community blood centers.

Rotarians for Mine Action: A Rotarian Action Group
Chair: Sandy Boucher (
Promotes fellowship and understanding among Rotarians interested in removing landmines and providing education and survivor assistance.

Rotarian Action Group of Dental Volunteers
Chair: Dr. Edward Blender (
The action group works toward providing humanitarian dental service throughout the world and promotes awareness of these opportunities for service in the vocation of dentistry.

Disaster Relief Rotarian Action Group
Chair: John Eberhard (
Provides disaster relief and related responses to natural disasters.

World Health Fairs - A Rotarian Action Group
Co-Chairs: Will Files and Steve Yoshida (;
Works with local Rotary clubs/districts to build sustainable local Health Fair programs.

Rotarians for Hearing Regeneration: A Rotarian Action Group
Chair: Gene Pankey (
Promotes fellowship, understanding, and acquaintance among Rotarians who share a common interest or experience in hearing impairment and encourages research for cures and prevention.

Rotarian Action Group for Microcredit
Chair: Steven Rickard (
Advances the Object of Rotary through a voluntary association of Rotarians dedicated to ending poverty through microcredit.  Creates a dynamic partnership between Rotarians and others to enhance the impact of Rotary microcredit projects and programs.

Rotarian Action Group for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness
Chair: Martin Taurins (
Provides support and research information to Rotarians and organizes international events with the purpose of extending awareness of Multiple Sclerosis.

Rotarian Action Group for Polio Survivors and Associates
Chair: Ann Lee Hussey (
Seeks to gather and disseminate information believed to be a helpful contribution to the health of polio survivors and those involved with their health care.

Rotarian Action Group for Population Growth & Sustainable Development
Chair: Salem Mashhour (
Promotes development and implementation of humanitarian and community development projects that directly address and create awareness about population concerns.