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Mission Statement
To make sure each Rotary Club in District 5170 that needs help in doing any World Community Service Project has all the help it needs.

Agove Water Well with village elder and Andre A World Community Service (WCS) project is born when Rotary clubs from two or more countries join together to accomplish a community service project. The WCS program links Rotary clubs needing extra help with clubs in other countries that are willing to provide funds, materials, and technical and professional assistance. Typically the Rotary Foundation provides part of the required funding in the form of a Matching Grant. More information about the WCS program is here on the Rotary International web site.

Along with our District’s WCS Committee listed on this Directory page this year there are International Service “Functional Area Representatives” (FARs) to help each club find and become involved in at least one WCS Project; their names and emails are on the cited Directory page. If you are looking for clubs to partner with on an international project, please contact the FAR for your Area. If you are wondering what the other clubs in our district are doing for International Service Projects, check our district’s list of Current WCS Projects (PDF). This list may give you some ideas; the FARs have more that they will be happy to share with you.

If you are thinking about doing an international project for the first time, see this PDF document for answers to some cultural and practical questions that might come up. If you are interested in a medical project, here is a PDF list of outside organizations that might be interested in partnering with you.

WCS Chairperson: Peter Anderson, 510-530-9108